Steve Ipsen, Candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012, Secures Endorsements From Key Victims’ Rights Leaders

Steve Ipsen gains endorsements from the largest victims' rights groups in Southern California

Steve Ipsen, founder and eight term past president of the nation’s largest prosecutors union and candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012, has secured the endorsements of prominent victims’ rights leaders from the largest victims organizations in Southern California.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 21, 2011

Steve Ipsen, founder and eight term past president of the nation’s largest prosecutors union and candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012, has secured the endorsements of prominent victims’ rights leaders from the largest victims organizations in Southern California. A 25 year veteran prosecutor in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, Steve has served for nearly a decade as an advisory board member to victims’ rights groups across the State. He was a ballot signator for Jessica’s Law passed in 2006 and co-author of Marsy’s law passed in 2008 by the voters in California.

Marcella Leach co-founded Justice for Homicide Victims after her daughter Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas was murdered in 1983. “I am forever grateful that my son Nick and Steve partnered to write Marsy’s Law, the most comprehensive Victim’s Bill of Rights in the United States. I whole heartedly endorse Steve Ipsen for Los Angeles District Attorney,” she said.

Saul Zavala, whose daughter Jessica Zavala and niece Olivia Munguia were murdered in Lynwood on their way to school in1999, is the Spanish chapter leader of Justice for Murdered Children. Savala said, “Steve Ipsen will make a significant difference to the Latino community in Los Angeles. He is fair minded and truly the ‘People’s Prosecutor’.” Patricia Wenskunas is the CEO and founder of Crime Survivors and Crime Stoppers of Orange County. “I hope you will join me in endorsing Steve Ipsen for LA County District Attorney in 2012,” says Wenskunas.

Shari Martin, whose son Marshall was murdered in Lancaster in 2002, is the Antelope Valley chapter leader for Parents of Murdered Children. “Steve is the only candidate that addresses the dangerous early release policies of our massively over-crowded jails and prisons,” says Martin. She supports Ipsen’s “Reform First” approach to criminal justice that employs risk assessment criteria to prioritize jail space for dangerous criminals, and diverts non-violent offenders into rigorous work, community service, job training or drug rehabilitation programs in order to stop recidivism and escalation to violent crime. Ipsen states, “We have known about the prison overcrowding crisis for some time and the AB 109 realignment is only a partial solution. ‘Reform First’ addresses overcrowding issues and prioritizes violent crime to prevent early release of dangers criminals.”

Also endorsing Steve are Janette Chavez, a victims’ rights advocate whose 16 year old daughter Samantha Salas was murdered in 2008 in Monrovia, California; and Lawanda Hawkins, founder and president of Justice for Murdered Children, whose only son Reggie was murdered in the South Bay in 1996.

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The Antelope Valley Press Attends Press Conference Where Steve Ipsen Calls for a Department of Justice Investigation of Steve Cooley’s Policies in the Antelope Valley Court House


The Antelope Valley Press Covers the Story on Concerns for Corruption in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.

September 15, 2011
In front of the Antelope Valley Courthouse today The Community Action League (TCAL) leader called a press conference to announce a community forum on Saturday, September 16 at the Lancaster Moose Lodge.  This forum will address the widespread concern in the community that too many youths are being charged with felonies for minor non-violent offenses, and the belief that local prosecutors are being paid extra money for each felony conviction they obtain. TCAL raised this new concern even as they are addressing other concerns related to section 8 housing fraud in a federal lawsuit.  Two residents from Lancaster, TCAL and the California State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) are are named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in June claiming Lancaster and Palmdale officials engaged in racial discrimination in their pursuit of Section 8 fraud.
Steve Ipsen, a local prosecutor and past president of the prosecutor’s union was asked to address concerns by TCAL members that local prosecutors are corrupt and receiving illegal payments for handing down felony convictions.  Ipsen stated that the accusations were entirely “false” and Deputy District Attorney’s are “hardworking and honest.”  Ipsen said that there is a problem, but it is not the hard working prosecutors and sheriffs.  He stated the felony statistics driven policies of the District Attorney’s Office is the problem because it limits Deputy DAs from doing the right thing and treating non-serious offenses as misdemeanors.  He said the policies force Deputy DAs to seek felony convictions for minor crimes, especially in the Antelope Valley.
Ipsen called for an investigation by the Department of Justice and the citizens of Lancaster and Palmdale to address the issue properly.  He stated that the citizens of Antelope Valley should do a public records request and inquire about the local policies and practices that are strikingly different from anywhere else in Los Angeles County.  He noted that local prosecutors are forced to violate office policy and seek felony convictions, when in other areas of the county the same low level criminal conduct would routinely qualify for  misdemeanor charges under written guidelines.   Ipsen, a candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney, stated, “I am exposing, as a candidate, what we are doing wrong” and encouraged TCAL members to address the discriminatory policies in the Antelope Valley courthouse.
The AV Press, a local newspaper covering the event, mentioned Steve Ipsen’s video called “Reform First”  located on his campaign webpage.  Here Ipsen outlines his program to reduce crime.  Non-violent offenders will be required to work or perform community service so they will have money to repay their restitution and live a productive life rather then learn a new life, that of a hardened criminal, while in prison.  He describes how a tax burden becomes a tax payer when the nonviolent offender gets out into the community and works.  The AV Press mistakenly reported this press conference was a campaign event for Ipsen’s candidacy.  Ipsen indicated that he was simply called by organizers and community members who saw him speaking about criminal justice reform, and asked to answer the communities concerns and allegations of  corruption.  He said he felt it important to correct this impression. Ipsen indicated that office policy forbid his speaking out as an employee, but that he was allowed by law to speak freely as a candidate and felt it important to do so to allay concerns over corruption.

Jackie Lacey receives harsh criticizim from ‘The Wave’. Betty Pleasant will not be taken for a fool. That is for certain.

Just as the Los Angeles District Attorney 2012 heats up, Jackie Lacey receives harsh criticizim and tough questioning from Betty Pleasant at 'The Wave'

Just as the Los Angeles District Attorney 2012 heats up, Jackie Lacey receives harsh criticizim and tough questioning from Betty Pleasant at 'The Wave'

Betty Pleasant shows no mercy when interviewing Jackie Lacey about several key questions.  She published an article and video in ‘The Wave’ and showed Jacquelyn (Jackie) Lacey no mercy.  Betty is not afraid to go right to the source and ask Lacey about her admiration for Steve Cooley.  She also wanted to know why Lacey moved to LA County just to run for election, when in the past, she and Cooley have prosecuted people for doing that exact same thing.  She grilled her on cases that affect the black community, which Lacey has stood idly by Cooley’s side, and let unfold without intervention.  Betty ultimately addressed the union busting allegations and the fact that Lacey changed her testimony from one day to the other.  Some call this mishap on Lacey’s part purgery.

One thing is for certain.  Betty’s momma didn’t raise no fool.

Steve Cooley’s, Jackie Lacey’s and Mario Trujillo’s Attorneys (Jone’s Day) harass victim’s groups with subpoena

Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo have reached a new low this past week.  It has come to our attention that the Jone’s Day law firm defending these three District Attorney’s in a federal law suit for alleged union busting, served a subpoena to victim’s leaders, harassing them in the pursuit of hurting candidate Steve Ipsen who is running for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012.  The subpoena is part of a union law suit that has nothing to do with victims or the victims’ rights movement.

Last week the Jone’s Day attorneys who are defending Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo in a federal law suit for their alleged union busting, served leader’s of victims’ organizations with a subpoena and ordered them to turn over all financial records.  Steve Ipsen has volunteered countless hours to help victims of crime.  He regularly attends our events, flies with us to Sacramento to march on the capital, helps our organizations raise money, and most importantly co-authored Marsy’s Law which was passed in 2008.  He asks nothing in return.  Marsy’s law was written for the victims who were not only victimized by the perpetrator, but by the justice system.  Steve listened to the stories of his friends who were victims of crime and co-wrote Marsy’s Law to fix the flaws in the justice system giving victims of crime 17 rights under California Law.  Steve Cooley opposed Marsy’s Law and Jessica’s Law, which were both supported by Steve Ipsen.  Cooley has repeatedly tried to discredit Steve Ipsen, calling him names under oath and to the media.  Cooley called Steve Ipsen a “crook” and accused him of “money laundering”.  None of these claims were substantiated by any investigation or facts.  Steve Cooley testified that he personally doesn’t like Steve Ipsen and that his dislike for Ipsen has nothing to do with his union affiliation.   Perhaps in order to substantiate Cooley’s claims the Jones Day lawyers are looking for anything that could possibly back Cooley’s false allegations.

The harassment to victim’s leaders with a subpoena in order to intimidate victims and leaders of victim’s organizations as some sort of warning to those who work with Steve Ipsen is the ultimate low for the Lacey and Trujillo campaigns.  VICTIMS DO NOT TAKE HARASSMENT LIGHTLY, especially towards someone who stands up for them.  

As co-author of Marsy’s Law, Steve Ipsen has been a friend and supporter of the victim’s rights movement for over a decade.  He serves on the advisory boards for numerous victim’s organizations and has won multiple awards for his dedications to victims of crime.  Unlike other candidates in the District Attorney’s race, Steve helps victims inside and outside of the courtroom, even when he isn’t running for office.  He frequently attends victims’ events unlike any of the other candidates in the race.

Dear STEVE COOLEY, JACKIE LACEY, MARIO TRUJILLO, JONES DAY LAW FIRM, ALAN JACKSON, and anyone who stands together in this group of district attorneys who support Steve Cooley (all who have said they will back out of the race if Cooley decides to run for another term) and his efforts to harass victims, intimidate victims, use victims or attempt to fulfill their agenda to get elected to office,

LISTEN TO US CLOSELY – We will not be used, abused or taken advantage of by you!  We will not allow you to harass and intimidate those who have stood up for victims and changed laws to help victims.  We will network, we will spread the word and we will not waver as you try to destroy those who stand up for us!  Our family members died because of the weak policies of the office of the District Attorney.  We have nothing to lose because our loved ones already paid the ultimate price.  We will grow stronger and we will multiply.  We will open our financial records and our books.  You can try to use us to substantiate Steve Cooley’s accusations toward Steve Ipsen in order to prove your case, but YOU WILL FAIL.  As you try destroy and intimidate our nonprofit organizations, we will spread the word.