Victims CANNOT trust Alan Jackson for Los Angeles District Attorney

Victims cannot trust Alan Jackson as their next District Attorney

A packed room full of victims and law enforcement filled the Los Angeles Police Department last Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012.  But who was absent you may ask?  Alan Jackson wasn’t there that is for certain.  Today he released a video stating that victims can trust him, but the victim community knows all to well that he simply CANNOT BE TRUSTED to follow Marsy’s Law and look out for victims.

His token video takes advantage of one victim he helped and we commend her for her courage, but overall Alan Jackson has been absent from the victims rights community, and his most recent violation of Marsy’s Law without apology to the victim is worth a thousand more words than his new video.  Actions are proof that this prosecutor looks out for himself not the victim community.

Steve Ipsen co-author of Marsy’s Law and Carmen Trutanich were present and spoke to the group of victims in the room.  No other candidate running for District attorney bothered to attend.  Where were Jackie Lacey, Danette Meyers, Bobby Grace, Alan Jackson and Mario Trujillo?  Maybe they were enjoying the sunshine, but they certainly weren’t supporting victims. 

Victims cannot trust Alan Jackso who violated Marsy's Law

Let’s recall Alan Jackson’s egregious violation of Marsy’s Law. 

The Pasadena Star, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Whitter Daily News and the Antelope Valley Press reported on Alan Jackson’s recent violation of Marsy’s Law.  Jackson struck a deal with a murderer who may have received a death sentence and reduced the charges to manslaughter giving the murderer six years without notifying the victim’s family.  They wanted to be involved in the process, but were left out, and Jackson dodged reporters when they tried to question him.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune , Pasadena Star, and the Whittier Daily News reported on Jackson’s failure to comment after he recently also avoided the Antelope Valley Press.   Interesting that those articles have been taken down from the SGVT, Pasadena Star and Whitter Daily News websites.  This stunt exemplifies that corruption in the media is rampant.  Probably insiders don’t want the truth out in the open about Alan Jackson and you can see the willingness to cover up the truth, but we have the story for you below (verbatim before it was taken down).   Steve Ipsen, co-author of Marsy’s Law is running against Alan Jackson in the race for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012.    The Pasadena Star and San Gabrial Valley Tribune reported, “Among Ipsen’s opponents in the 2012 District Attorney’s race is Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson – who prosecuted Winter.  He declined to comment.”

Victims certainly won’t tolerate this malconduct in someone seeking the office of the LA District Attorney.  Here is proof that the media was doing their job until someone interfered.  The the news papers and their affiliated partners may have taken the articles down, but we have it verbatum here.  Mr. Jackson can’t run from victims.

Published on Monday, July 25, 2011
By San Gabriel Valley Tribune Staff Writer

Kevin Azevedo wanted to know when the man who killed his father would next appear in a Los Angeles courthouse.

He hoped he would get a heads-up from authorities prosecuting the 30-year-old homicide that could have led to the death penalty for suspect Christopher David Winter, 55, of Indiana.

But by the time Azevedo received word, Winter had already cut a deal with the Los Angeles County District’s Attorney’s Office. In exchange for his plea, the killer got less than six years in state prison when he was sentenced on June 7.

“I felt a little cheated there, even though I couldn’t have made it out there,” said Azevedo, who lives in Pennsylvania. “I wish I could have known so I could have told my brothers. Maybe one of them would have gone to the hearing and at least said something to (the defendant) if given that chance.”

More than two years after the passage of the state’s Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008, experts say stories like Azevedo’s show implementation of Marsy’s Law has been mixed.

When pitched to voters, Marsy’s Law – Proposition 9 – promised victims and their families the right to reasonable notice upon request of all public proceedings, with few exceptions.

Its passage significantly expanded victims’ rights and included them in the state Constitution. But making it work has been tricky, said Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen, who co-authored the law and is running for Los Angeles County District Attorney in 2012.

Proposition 9 is implemented “incredibly well in some areas and incredibly poorly in others,” Ipsen said. While implementation has been life-changing for some victims, “it’s heart-wrenching where it has failed.”

Experts agree that full implementation of Marsy’s Law takes education for all parties – including victims, law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

For example, it’s important for victims or their families to be part of the legal process and make their presence known, said Superior Court Judge Jared Moses of the Alhambra Court during a recent victims’ rights clinic hosted by the Pasadena Police Department.

Victim impact statements made in the courtroom, for example, “are so important,” he said. “They affect us. They affect everyone in the room.”

Some victims’ rights advocates complain, too, that not all law enforcement agencies are handing out a Marsy’s Law card to victims as the law requires. The cards enumerate the 17 constitutional rights afforded to victims by the law. In some cases, homicide detectives incorrectly assume that another officer has already given out the card but it’s everyone’s responsibility to check, said Lawanda Hawkins, founder of Justice for Murdered Children and one of three signatories of Marsy’s Law.

In a phone survey of 24 law enforcement agencies in the San Gabriel Valley, all of them reported having Marsy’s cards readily available.

“That’s world-changing,” said Ipsen of the distribution of the information cards. “It goes a long way in answering questions (victims have), and allowing law enforcement and police officers to focus on investigating the case.”

But Ipsen said he’s “very troubled” that prosecutors are entering plea agreements with criminal defendants “and not including victims” in that process.

Among Ipsen’s opponents in the 2012 District Attorney’s race is Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson – who prosecuted Winter. He declined to comment.


Mario Trujillo finally breaks the secret pact and exposes Steve Cooley as “archaic and inefficient”

The LA Weekly breaks the story as Mario Trujillo takes his jabs at Steve Cooley and his policies

The LA Weekly breaks the story as Mario Trujillo takes his jabs at Steve Cooley and his policies

Has Mario Trujillo finally broken the secret pact?  For months the six declared candidates have largely remained silent about the complete and utterly humiliating realization coming out of the LA District Attorney’s office that prosecuting crime in Los Angeles is a complete joke.  The only candidate willing to point out the “elephant” in the room is Steve Ipsen who is always willing to expose the jokers for who they are.  It seems Mario Trujillo, once a favorite of Steve Cooley, has had enough of the “glowing” and stroking of his boss Steve Cooley.  His platform is nearly mimicking Steve Ipsen’s platform of criminal justice reform now that he has finally broken his silence.  He is throwing the word victim out in the air once in a while so we will give that to him, although like all of the other candidates besides Steve Ipsen, he has never been to our victims events.   We do like and admire the fact that he is willing to finally speak out about the policies in the LA District Attorney’s office that have practically destroyed the minority communities and have kept them in their intended second class citizenship.  Steve Cooley prides himself and his polices of throwing the book at everyone with brown or black skin, while the prisons fill to their max and fail to keep violent offenders behind bars.  The LA weekly broke the story and Steve Cooley doesn’t seem very happy.  Jackie Lacey’s, Mario Trujillo’s and Alan Jackson’s secret pact to support everyone in the race but Steve Ipsen and Carmen Trutanich has now taken a twist with Mario speaking out.  The best part is that Robert Philabosian gets in on the comments.  It seems Cooley’s close friends don’t want anyone speaking out against him.  Remember Philibosian, former DA and the one who participated in the city of Cudahay scandal?   He also owns property with Steve Cooley in Lake Arrowhead which has illegal ties.  He has been sued over it.

Prosecutor Mario Trujillo Calls D.A.’s Policies “Archaic,” Draws Rebuke From D.A. Steve Cooley
By Gene Maddaus Thu., Dec. 8 2011 at 4:48 PM
After three terms as District Attorney, Steve Cooley is retiring next year. Though he won’t be on the ballot, he sure is taking an active interest in who will be. He’s been touting Jackie Lacey, and trashin Carmen Trutanich, for nearly a year.

Now he’s taking aim at another candidate: Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo. In a fundraising-email sent Wednesday, Trujillo had some pointed things to say about the current administration:

“I have seen how archaic and inefficient policies of the D.A.’s office have delayed justice for victims, wasted taxpayer money, and put our community at risk,” Trujillo wrote.

Cooley, who apparently has time to read these things, was not amused.

At an L.A. County Bar Association event last night, Cooley pulled Trujillo aside and gave him an earful.

“Mr. Cooley and I had an intellectual discussion about our differences in philosophy,” Trujillo said. “There was a concern that some colleagues may feel I am putting down their work… That was not my intent at all.”

Cooley declined to comment, but his spokeswoman confirmed that he had some problems with Trujillo’s rhetoric.

“The unspecified criticism of the office contained in his mass solicitation e-mail was unwarranted and disappointing,” said spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons. “Mr. Trujillo knows better.”

Trujillo is one of the most liberal candidates in the race. He has talked about easing up on prosecutions of unlicensed drivers (who tend to be undocumented), and expressed some reservations about the death penalty.

“You’re not going to get the status quo from me,” Trujillo said. “We’re going to have to change some of these policies.”

Trujillo was also quick to say that he and Cooley have a good relationship, and that he intends to uphold Cooley’s policies as long as they’re in place.

“He’s been great to me,” Trujillo said. “My e-mail is in some respects in line with what he taught us.”

Update: The Met News rounds up reaction from other candidates, plus this beauty from former D.A. Robert Philibosian:

“If Mr. Trujillo truly thinks there’s something wrong with the district attorney’s policies, he’s free to resign from the office and run his candidacy any way he chooses.”

Is that what Cooley did when he ran against Gil Garcetti? Uh, no.

Nov. 2nd, 2011 – Debate and candidate forum for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012

District Attorney Debate

Join victims and friends at the first debate and candidate forum for the office of Los Angeles District Attorney 2012 on Wednesday November 2nd 2011.  It’s free to the public. RSVP to

WHERE:  Japanese American Museum, 369 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

TIME:  Debate starts at 6pm

Victims want to know:

  • Will Alan Jackson publicly apologize for his recent violation of Marsy’s Law?
  • Will Jackie Lacey discuss they LA District Attorney’s Office policy and its failure to follow “Three Strikes”?
  • Will Mario Trujillo elaborate on his support for “Restorative Justice” and why victims should embrace their rapists and those who brutally murdered our family members?
  • Will Danette Meyers explain “Smart Justice”?
  • Will Carmen Trutanich show up and declare his candidacy?
  • Will Bobby Grace talk about his ideas for alternative sentencing?
  • Will Steve Ipsen explain “Reform First” and ensure he will prioritze violent crime?

Steve Cooley’s, Jackie Lacey’s and Mario Trujillo’s Attorneys (Jone’s Day) harass victim’s groups with subpoena

Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo have reached a new low this past week.  It has come to our attention that the Jone’s Day law firm defending these three District Attorney’s in a federal law suit for alleged union busting, served a subpoena to victim’s leaders, harassing them in the pursuit of hurting candidate Steve Ipsen who is running for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012.  The subpoena is part of a union law suit that has nothing to do with victims or the victims’ rights movement.

Last week the Jone’s Day attorneys who are defending Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo in a federal law suit for their alleged union busting, served leader’s of victims’ organizations with a subpoena and ordered them to turn over all financial records.  Steve Ipsen has volunteered countless hours to help victims of crime.  He regularly attends our events, flies with us to Sacramento to march on the capital, helps our organizations raise money, and most importantly co-authored Marsy’s Law which was passed in 2008.  He asks nothing in return.  Marsy’s law was written for the victims who were not only victimized by the perpetrator, but by the justice system.  Steve listened to the stories of his friends who were victims of crime and co-wrote Marsy’s Law to fix the flaws in the justice system giving victims of crime 17 rights under California Law.  Steve Cooley opposed Marsy’s Law and Jessica’s Law, which were both supported by Steve Ipsen.  Cooley has repeatedly tried to discredit Steve Ipsen, calling him names under oath and to the media.  Cooley called Steve Ipsen a “crook” and accused him of “money laundering”.  None of these claims were substantiated by any investigation or facts.  Steve Cooley testified that he personally doesn’t like Steve Ipsen and that his dislike for Ipsen has nothing to do with his union affiliation.   Perhaps in order to substantiate Cooley’s claims the Jones Day lawyers are looking for anything that could possibly back Cooley’s false allegations.

The harassment to victim’s leaders with a subpoena in order to intimidate victims and leaders of victim’s organizations as some sort of warning to those who work with Steve Ipsen is the ultimate low for the Lacey and Trujillo campaigns.  VICTIMS DO NOT TAKE HARASSMENT LIGHTLY, especially towards someone who stands up for them.  

As co-author of Marsy’s Law, Steve Ipsen has been a friend and supporter of the victim’s rights movement for over a decade.  He serves on the advisory boards for numerous victim’s organizations and has won multiple awards for his dedications to victims of crime.  Unlike other candidates in the District Attorney’s race, Steve helps victims inside and outside of the courtroom, even when he isn’t running for office.  He frequently attends victims’ events unlike any of the other candidates in the race.

Dear STEVE COOLEY, JACKIE LACEY, MARIO TRUJILLO, JONES DAY LAW FIRM, ALAN JACKSON, and anyone who stands together in this group of district attorneys who support Steve Cooley (all who have said they will back out of the race if Cooley decides to run for another term) and his efforts to harass victims, intimidate victims, use victims or attempt to fulfill their agenda to get elected to office,

LISTEN TO US CLOSELY – We will not be used, abused or taken advantage of by you!  We will not allow you to harass and intimidate those who have stood up for victims and changed laws to help victims.  We will network, we will spread the word and we will not waver as you try to destroy those who stand up for us!  Our family members died because of the weak policies of the office of the District Attorney.  We have nothing to lose because our loved ones already paid the ultimate price.  We will grow stronger and we will multiply.  We will open our financial records and our books.  You can try to use us to substantiate Steve Cooley’s accusations toward Steve Ipsen in order to prove your case, but YOU WILL FAIL.  As you try destroy and intimidate our nonprofit organizations, we will spread the word.

Steve Ipsen says it is time for change: “It’s time for a new perspective on crime in Los Angeles.”

Steve Ipsen is an experienced criminal prosecutor in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

"It's time for a new perspective on crime in Los Angeles."

Steve Ipsen has a fresh perspective on how to change the criminal justice system in Los Angeles and in the state of California. The tired old policies currently in place are clearly not working and are clearly not the answer. Doing more of the same is not an option. Yes. "It's time for a new perspective on crime in Los Angeles." Victims are clearly ready to get the message out and vote for a district attorney who pays attention to victims making victim's rights a priorty in Los Angeles.

Steve Ipsen for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012: Victim’s choice for the next District Attorney of LA County

Steve Ipsen, co-author of the Victim’s Bill of Rights “Marsy’s Law” is the victim’s choice for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012. We need new leadership and someone who looks out for victims of crime.  No other candidate for District Attorney has supported victims in and out of the court room like Steve Ipsen. Contribute, volunteer, contact, or host an event  to help Steve Ipsen get elected as our next District Attorney in 2012.
Contribute or donate to Steve Ipsen for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012
Contribute to Steve Ipsen for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012

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