Victims CANNOT trust Alan Jackson for Los Angeles District Attorney

Victims cannot trust Alan Jackson as their next District Attorney

A packed room full of victims and law enforcement filled the Los Angeles Police Department last Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012.  But who was absent you may ask?  Alan Jackson wasn’t there that is for certain.  Today he released a video stating that victims can trust him, but the victim community knows all to well that he simply CANNOT BE TRUSTED to follow Marsy’s Law and look out for victims.

His token video takes advantage of one victim he helped and we commend her for her courage, but overall Alan Jackson has been absent from the victims rights community, and his most recent violation of Marsy’s Law without apology to the victim is worth a thousand more words than his new video.  Actions are proof that this prosecutor looks out for himself not the victim community.

Steve Ipsen co-author of Marsy’s Law and Carmen Trutanich were present and spoke to the group of victims in the room.  No other candidate running for District attorney bothered to attend.  Where were Jackie Lacey, Danette Meyers, Bobby Grace, Alan Jackson and Mario Trujillo?  Maybe they were enjoying the sunshine, but they certainly weren’t supporting victims. 

Victims cannot trust Alan Jackso who violated Marsy's Law

Let’s recall Alan Jackson’s egregious violation of Marsy’s Law. 

The Pasadena Star, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Whitter Daily News and the Antelope Valley Press reported on Alan Jackson’s recent violation of Marsy’s Law.  Jackson struck a deal with a murderer who may have received a death sentence and reduced the charges to manslaughter giving the murderer six years without notifying the victim’s family.  They wanted to be involved in the process, but were left out, and Jackson dodged reporters when they tried to question him.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune , Pasadena Star, and the Whittier Daily News reported on Jackson’s failure to comment after he recently also avoided the Antelope Valley Press.   Interesting that those articles have been taken down from the SGVT, Pasadena Star and Whitter Daily News websites.  This stunt exemplifies that corruption in the media is rampant.  Probably insiders don’t want the truth out in the open about Alan Jackson and you can see the willingness to cover up the truth, but we have the story for you below (verbatim before it was taken down).   Steve Ipsen, co-author of Marsy’s Law is running against Alan Jackson in the race for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012.    The Pasadena Star and San Gabrial Valley Tribune reported, “Among Ipsen’s opponents in the 2012 District Attorney’s race is Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson – who prosecuted Winter.  He declined to comment.”

Victims certainly won’t tolerate this malconduct in someone seeking the office of the LA District Attorney.  Here is proof that the media was doing their job until someone interfered.  The the news papers and their affiliated partners may have taken the articles down, but we have it verbatum here.  Mr. Jackson can’t run from victims.

Published on Monday, July 25, 2011
By San Gabriel Valley Tribune Staff Writer

Kevin Azevedo wanted to know when the man who killed his father would next appear in a Los Angeles courthouse.

He hoped he would get a heads-up from authorities prosecuting the 30-year-old homicide that could have led to the death penalty for suspect Christopher David Winter, 55, of Indiana.

But by the time Azevedo received word, Winter had already cut a deal with the Los Angeles County District’s Attorney’s Office. In exchange for his plea, the killer got less than six years in state prison when he was sentenced on June 7.

“I felt a little cheated there, even though I couldn’t have made it out there,” said Azevedo, who lives in Pennsylvania. “I wish I could have known so I could have told my brothers. Maybe one of them would have gone to the hearing and at least said something to (the defendant) if given that chance.”

More than two years after the passage of the state’s Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008, experts say stories like Azevedo’s show implementation of Marsy’s Law has been mixed.

When pitched to voters, Marsy’s Law – Proposition 9 – promised victims and their families the right to reasonable notice upon request of all public proceedings, with few exceptions.

Its passage significantly expanded victims’ rights and included them in the state Constitution. But making it work has been tricky, said Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen, who co-authored the law and is running for Los Angeles County District Attorney in 2012.

Proposition 9 is implemented “incredibly well in some areas and incredibly poorly in others,” Ipsen said. While implementation has been life-changing for some victims, “it’s heart-wrenching where it has failed.”

Experts agree that full implementation of Marsy’s Law takes education for all parties – including victims, law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

For example, it’s important for victims or their families to be part of the legal process and make their presence known, said Superior Court Judge Jared Moses of the Alhambra Court during a recent victims’ rights clinic hosted by the Pasadena Police Department.

Victim impact statements made in the courtroom, for example, “are so important,” he said. “They affect us. They affect everyone in the room.”

Some victims’ rights advocates complain, too, that not all law enforcement agencies are handing out a Marsy’s Law card to victims as the law requires. The cards enumerate the 17 constitutional rights afforded to victims by the law. In some cases, homicide detectives incorrectly assume that another officer has already given out the card but it’s everyone’s responsibility to check, said Lawanda Hawkins, founder of Justice for Murdered Children and one of three signatories of Marsy’s Law.

In a phone survey of 24 law enforcement agencies in the San Gabriel Valley, all of them reported having Marsy’s cards readily available.

“That’s world-changing,” said Ipsen of the distribution of the information cards. “It goes a long way in answering questions (victims have), and allowing law enforcement and police officers to focus on investigating the case.”

But Ipsen said he’s “very troubled” that prosecutors are entering plea agreements with criminal defendants “and not including victims” in that process.

Among Ipsen’s opponents in the 2012 District Attorney’s race is Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson – who prosecuted Winter. He declined to comment.


Mario Trujillo finally breaks the secret pact and exposes Steve Cooley as “archaic and inefficient”

The LA Weekly breaks the story as Mario Trujillo takes his jabs at Steve Cooley and his policies

The LA Weekly breaks the story as Mario Trujillo takes his jabs at Steve Cooley and his policies

Has Mario Trujillo finally broken the secret pact?  For months the six declared candidates have largely remained silent about the complete and utterly humiliating realization coming out of the LA District Attorney’s office that prosecuting crime in Los Angeles is a complete joke.  The only candidate willing to point out the “elephant” in the room is Steve Ipsen who is always willing to expose the jokers for who they are.  It seems Mario Trujillo, once a favorite of Steve Cooley, has had enough of the “glowing” and stroking of his boss Steve Cooley.  His platform is nearly mimicking Steve Ipsen’s platform of criminal justice reform now that he has finally broken his silence.  He is throwing the word victim out in the air once in a while so we will give that to him, although like all of the other candidates besides Steve Ipsen, he has never been to our victims events.   We do like and admire the fact that he is willing to finally speak out about the policies in the LA District Attorney’s office that have practically destroyed the minority communities and have kept them in their intended second class citizenship.  Steve Cooley prides himself and his polices of throwing the book at everyone with brown or black skin, while the prisons fill to their max and fail to keep violent offenders behind bars.  The LA weekly broke the story and Steve Cooley doesn’t seem very happy.  Jackie Lacey’s, Mario Trujillo’s and Alan Jackson’s secret pact to support everyone in the race but Steve Ipsen and Carmen Trutanich has now taken a twist with Mario speaking out.  The best part is that Robert Philabosian gets in on the comments.  It seems Cooley’s close friends don’t want anyone speaking out against him.  Remember Philibosian, former DA and the one who participated in the city of Cudahay scandal?   He also owns property with Steve Cooley in Lake Arrowhead which has illegal ties.  He has been sued over it.

Prosecutor Mario Trujillo Calls D.A.’s Policies “Archaic,” Draws Rebuke From D.A. Steve Cooley
By Gene Maddaus Thu., Dec. 8 2011 at 4:48 PM
After three terms as District Attorney, Steve Cooley is retiring next year. Though he won’t be on the ballot, he sure is taking an active interest in who will be. He’s been touting Jackie Lacey, and trashin Carmen Trutanich, for nearly a year.

Now he’s taking aim at another candidate: Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo. In a fundraising-email sent Wednesday, Trujillo had some pointed things to say about the current administration:

“I have seen how archaic and inefficient policies of the D.A.’s office have delayed justice for victims, wasted taxpayer money, and put our community at risk,” Trujillo wrote.

Cooley, who apparently has time to read these things, was not amused.

At an L.A. County Bar Association event last night, Cooley pulled Trujillo aside and gave him an earful.

“Mr. Cooley and I had an intellectual discussion about our differences in philosophy,” Trujillo said. “There was a concern that some colleagues may feel I am putting down their work… That was not my intent at all.”

Cooley declined to comment, but his spokeswoman confirmed that he had some problems with Trujillo’s rhetoric.

“The unspecified criticism of the office contained in his mass solicitation e-mail was unwarranted and disappointing,” said spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons. “Mr. Trujillo knows better.”

Trujillo is one of the most liberal candidates in the race. He has talked about easing up on prosecutions of unlicensed drivers (who tend to be undocumented), and expressed some reservations about the death penalty.

“You’re not going to get the status quo from me,” Trujillo said. “We’re going to have to change some of these policies.”

Trujillo was also quick to say that he and Cooley have a good relationship, and that he intends to uphold Cooley’s policies as long as they’re in place.

“He’s been great to me,” Trujillo said. “My e-mail is in some respects in line with what he taught us.”

Update: The Met News rounds up reaction from other candidates, plus this beauty from former D.A. Robert Philibosian:

“If Mr. Trujillo truly thinks there’s something wrong with the district attorney’s policies, he’s free to resign from the office and run his candidacy any way he chooses.”

Is that what Cooley did when he ran against Gil Garcetti? Uh, no.

The Wave and TMZ Blast District Attorneys Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley for taking David Walgren’s and Deborah Brazil’s credit

TMZ and Betty Pleasant weigh in on Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey’s showboating, while David Walgren and Deborah Brazil look on.
Captain Kirk (Steve Cooley) with Mr. Spock (Jackie Lacey) by his side

Captain Kirk (Steve Cooley) with Mr. Spock (Jackie Lacey) by his side

TMZ reports Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock took credit for David Walgren’s and Deborah Brazil’s prosecution of the Michael Jackson case.  The news reports, “It’s pretty stunning, Cooley was flanked by his number 2 Jackie Lacey, and D.A. honcho Pat Dixon.  Choosing Lacey is an audacious move on Cooley’s part, since he personally chose her to run as his successor in the 2012 election.”

Betty Pleasant says, "Get off my TV to Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey"

Betty Pleasant says, "Get off my TV to Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey"

Betty Pleasant also takes the opportunity to say “Get off my TV.”  She addresses the irritating showboating of Steve Cooley and his side kick Jackie Lacey.  She says she has kept silent about the Michael Jackson trial with no opinion of either guilt or innocence, but regarding the press conference, she states the “pitiful, showboating, grandstanding mess of a press conference District Attorney Steve Cooley held on TV immediately after the jury convicted Murray of involuntary manslaughter, during which Cooley preened and gloated and praised and patted himself and his staff on their backs for having done an outstanding job of nailing the doctor — while his right-hand woman, Jackie Lacey, stood silently by his side with her heart glowing all over the place. It was sickening.”

We have to agree with Betty Pleasant.  Cooley comes out of his hole when the media blitz is beckoning, but when violent and horrible murder trials come to a close, Cooley is no where in sight, and no where near the fine prosecutors in the DA’s office, to congratulate them,  who thankfully are in charge of the trials instead of Steve Cooley. 

The prison overcrowding crisis created by Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey’s failed policies over the last ten years have paved the way for Conrad Murray’s freedom.  Steve Cooley might as well hold a press conference with a News Flash: Message to criminals – Do a crime and pay no time!  Or how about this slogan: Murder the King of Pop, Don’t Stop.  Just pass go and collect your $200.

District Attorneys Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley try to steal David Walgren’s thunder reports TMZ – Walgren sent to Siberia

Jackie Lacey, Steve Cooley and Pat Dixon steal David Walgren's thunder as they capitalize on the media of the Michael Jackson case

(TMZ photo) Jackie Lacey, Steve Cooley and Pat Dixon steal David Walgren's thunder as they capitalize on the media of the Michael Jackson case

Media Hogs?
It seems that Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley are desperate for some positive media attention with all that is going wrong in the District Attorney’s office.  With the prison overcrowding crisis hanging over their head, the Michael Jackson trial is a perfect opportunity to hurdle them into the spot light.  But, it seems that even TMZ is on to the overcrowding disaster.  The failed policies of Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey are sending so many low-level offenders to prison that there doesn’t seem to be room for murderers like Murray.  If Cooley would have sought murder in the second degree, then Murray may be locked in California state prison.  Rumor has it that Walgren wanted to seek murder, but Cooley didn’t want to in case they lost the trial.  That bad press could have resulted in another OJ fiasco, one that Cooley clearly capitalized on when he was first elected to office.  TMZ reports the press isn’t loving on Steve Cooley or Jackie Lacey as Murray prepares for house arrest and a few days in LA County jail.  Pat Dixon takes the opportunity to get his name in the spot light.  Who is he anyway?

TMZ reports
The man of the hour — Prosecutor David Walgren — who won the Conrad Murray case, might as well have been sent to Siberia by his boss, L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley, because he was completely out of the shot as Cooley took credit for the victory.

It’s pretty stunning, given that the winning prosecutor typically addresses the media after a verdict, but even if the D.A. was exercising caution while the sentence is pending, Cooley didn’t even allow Walgren to stand next to him.

Instead of Walgren, Cooley was flanked by his number 2, Jackie Lacey, and D.A. honcho Pat Dixon. Choosing Lacey is an audacious move on Cooley’s part, since he personally chose her to run as his successor in the 2012 election. 

A D.A. spokesperson said Lacey was standing next to Cooley because, “It’s like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.”

Steve Ipsen “Fair and For the People” – Three strikes ballot measure faces public safety politics

Three Strikes Reform Initiative of 2012
ABC covers the Three Strikes Reform Initiative of 2012 that will be presented to the voters of California

Three Strikes and You’re Out
A new “Three Strikes Reform” initiative was filed with the California Attorney General’s office last month.  It has been reported that Steve Cooley is being recruited to back this initiative and Ace Smith (Kamala Harris’s campaign manager) will head up the campaign.  We predict this is a political stunt for Steve Cooley to re-enter the District Attorney’s race in 2012, despite his announcements he will not run.  It is odd that Ace Smith would work so closely with Steve Cooley afer he criticized Cooley’s Attorney General campaign with such vehemence.  We predict Cooley is getting cozy with the reformers so he can use this platform to get into the DAs race for 2012 and say he is going to save the prison overcrowding crisis, when in fact the prison overcrowding crisis is one in which Steve Cooley and his faulty policies created.   

Victims remember that Steve Cooley was one of the last people to oppose Prop 66 in 2004.  Both Republicans and Democrats opposed Proposition 66 including former Governors Arnold Schwarzenneger,  Jerry Brown, Pete Wilson, Gray Davis and George Deukmejian.  The four page article  the below author refers to is one Steve Ipsen wrote and mentions some of the criminals that would have benefited by Prop 66.  Charles Manson was featured highlighting his 14 “Strikes” that would have been reduced from 14 to one.  A man who raped his own mother was pictured on the front page along with a man who poured gasoline on his own son and lit him on fire.  It is wise for the legislative writers at Stanford to take into account the problems with Proposition 66, when considering their new law, because victims are watching very closely.   Steve Ipsen has been a strong victim’s advocate and is proposing criminal justice reform for low-level and nonviolent offenders.  At least “Reform First” is proposed by someone victims can trust to look out for them and he is a  “Fair and For the People” prosecutor.  Compared to the natorius Alan Jackson who recently violated Marsy’s Law, then refused to apoligize to the victims after he failed to notify the victims, when he reduced a capital murder case to manslaughter, giving the murderer six years instead of the death penalty.  In reflection, it was only a matter of time before a new “Three-Strikes” law would  again appear before the voters of California.  “Three-Strikes” was written after the brutal murder of Kimber Reynolds.  Her father Mike Reynolds changed the history of California criminal law, aimed at protecting society from other victims.  Also worth remembering is the blistering attack video and add Kamala Harris launched against Steve Cooley in the race for Attorney General of California where Steve Cooley lost overwhelmingly in LA County by over 65% of the vote.  When refering to Jessica’s Law, Steve Cooley was recorded saying that if you want to write a law in California “name it after a female”.  Unbecoming of an elected official if you ask victims.  Mike Reynolds reports disappointment in Steve Cooley in the way he prosecutes “Three Strikes” cases.  Recently, and infamously,  John Ewell was the beneficiary of Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey’s failure to follow “Three Strikes”.  Ewell later murdered four people.

Insider News portrayed some of the most henius crimes and the perpetrators who would have benefited if Prop 66 would have passed.

By Ryan Gabrielson (California Watch)
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KABC) — A pair of Stanford University law professors spent months this year writing ballot language to narrow, ever so slightly, California’s three strikes sentencing law.

The result is the “Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012,” which is now under legal review by the state attorney general’s office. It aims to remove courts’ authority to sentence convicts to 25 years to life in prison when their crimes have been neither violent nor serious.

At the same time, the initiative’s backers argue this measure will ensure dangerous criminals remain incarcerated.

By protecting one piece of the three strikes law (life sentences for violent offenders), the proponents hope California voters will agree to discard another piece (life sentences for minor crimes).

That transaction shows the initiative’s political vulnerability, said Arnold Steinberg, a Republican political strategist. “Their challenge at the margins is to prevent their effort from being seen as soft on crime,” he said.

Past efforts to change the three strikes law have failed that challenge. California’s law, enacted by voters in 1993, is the only law in the United States that allows convicts to receive a third strike for any new crime, including petty theft.

The initiative’s supporters intend to focus on the cost of long prison terms for minor crimes, said Dan Newman, a spokesman for the effort. Felons previously convicted of murder, rape and child molestation could continue to receive a third strike for any conviction.

“Frankly, it’s built to win,” Newman said. “It’s built so it restores what voters wanted when they voted for three strikes in the first place. And it does so in a way that allows us to put together a broad coalition of supporters.”

That coalition is still under construction, Newman said.

Supporters expect to begin collecting signatures next month to secure a spot on the November 2012 ballot.

Steinberg said the list of supporters has to include conservatives and law enforcement to convince voters that the measure won’t risk public safety.

“It cannot look like liberals from central casting,” he said.

In 2004, Proposition 66, a ballot measure that would have dramatically changed three strikes, was defeated after California prosecutors made a late media blitz characterizing it as a mass release of dangerous criminals. Numerous top state officials lined up against the measure, including former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gov. Jerry Brown.

Prop. 66 would have required that a third “strike” be a serious or violent crime and reduced the number of offenses deemed serious under state law.

Pre-election polls showed Prop. 66 was likely to pass before opponents claimed the measure could result in the release of 26,000 felons. Steve Ipsen, head of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, produced a four-page flier that listed 10 violent convicts who Ipsen contended would be “eligible for release” under the proposition.

The lineup included a man who had “cut dog’s head off,” the flier states.

The Stanford professors, David Mills and Michael Romano, kept that political attack in mind as they drafted the current initiative.

“Those criminals who committed heinous acts are singled out in the reform language to ensure they receive no benefit whatsoever,” Newman said.

Romano leads the Stanford Three Strikes Project, where law students work to reduce life sentences for convicts who received their strikes for minor offenses, like shoplifting or drug possession.

Ipsen, a prosecutor for the Los Angeles district attorney’s office, said he agrees that three strikes has resulted in some outsized prison sentences. However, he opposes altering the law, as it means reducing prosecutors’ discretion in how they charge their cases.

“It would be very unfortunate if that happened because I think discretion can be used properly,” Ipsen said. “It has been getting better.”

The law would not change for convicts receiving a second strike if voters approve the initiative.

There are more than 32,000 inmates with two strikes presently serving time in state prison, compared with about 8,800 with three strikes, according to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation data. So-called “second-strikers” have their sentences doubled under the law.

Nov. 2nd, 2011 – Debate and candidate forum for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012

District Attorney Debate

Join victims and friends at the first debate and candidate forum for the office of Los Angeles District Attorney 2012 on Wednesday November 2nd 2011.  It’s free to the public. RSVP to

WHERE:  Japanese American Museum, 369 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

TIME:  Debate starts at 6pm

Victims want to know:

  • Will Alan Jackson publicly apologize for his recent violation of Marsy’s Law?
  • Will Jackie Lacey discuss they LA District Attorney’s Office policy and its failure to follow “Three Strikes”?
  • Will Mario Trujillo elaborate on his support for “Restorative Justice” and why victims should embrace their rapists and those who brutally murdered our family members?
  • Will Danette Meyers explain “Smart Justice”?
  • Will Carmen Trutanich show up and declare his candidacy?
  • Will Bobby Grace talk about his ideas for alternative sentencing?
  • Will Steve Ipsen explain “Reform First” and ensure he will prioritze violent crime?

Jerry Brown to Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey – Time for You To Take Responsibility for the Crime Wave You Created

Jerry Brown Will Start Sending Criminals Back to Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey in LA County Starting October 1st

Jerry Brown Will Start Sending Criminals Back to Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey in LA County Starting October 1st

If Angelenos thought hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was a bad one, well get ready Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley because hurricane Jackooley is on its way.  The levee will break starting October 1st.  Los Angeles will have their first wave of felons transferred to Sherrif Baca’s care.  Now with felony records, the prisoners will be released without the possibility of job opportunities in a disasterous California job market.  Who is hiring in California, and who will hire a felon you may ask?  Well, this problem is certainly something Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey could care less about, let alone engage their cerebral functioning in a thought for a plan.  It is time for Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey to come up with alternative solutions to the problem they have created over the past ten years.  Of course that would mean they would have to admit their policies have be wrong over the past decade, and we can pretty much guarantee that Steve Cooley won’t stand up and say something like, “Citizens of LA County, I have to say that I have been a failure for the last decade.”  The chances of Steve Cooley admitting any wrong doing is zero to none.  Predictably Jackie Lacey will stand by Cooley’s side while she “glows” and tries to “please him.” 

Just as fast as Cooley and Lacey are felonizing alarming numbers of nonviolent criminals, Jerry Brown is re-aligning them.  Therefore, we have a complete wash, and the re-alignment plan isn’t even a band-aid to the problem.  As the levee breaks, there are no resuce efforts on their way.  The President won’t be sending in the National Guard – just in case Cooley and Lacey are wondering.  As thousands of non-violent felons are sent behind bars every month, LA County will ultimately receive them again, just as Cooley “predicts.”  Maybe Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey can brainstorm a little to come up with a solution, now that would be unpredictable.  But, Lacey and Cooley will retreat to higher ground so they won’t get their feet wet.  Let’s hope the felony offenders don’t take refugee in the Staples Center like they did the Louisiana Superdome.  Remember what happened there?