Despite opposing Jessica’s Law and Marsy’s Law, Steve Cooley extends his holiday cheer to victims via the San Gabriel Tribune

Steve Cooley sends a holiday cheer? Since when does he care about victims?

Steve Cooley opposed Jessica’s Law in 2006 and said, “You know what gets a law passed in California?  Name it after a girl.”  Then, in 2008 he opposed Marsy’s Law, the “Victims’ Bill of Rights”.  But today he has decided to extend a holiday greeting to victims.  It should be known that Steve Cooley hasn’t been to any of our victim’s events for as long as we can remember, and many of us have been in the victim’s movement for a long time. 

Why all of a sudden does Cooley take this opportunity to get some media regarding victims, especially after he has stood alongside Alan Jackson who recently violated Marsy’s Law and gave a murderer who qualified for the death penalty 6 years without notifying the victims, in flagrant violation of Marsy’s Law.  Alan Jackson and ex-Governor Arnold have much in common and reduced murder cases without giving the victim’s their California Constitutional right to be notified, to be present or to be heard.  Thank you Mr. Cooley for extending holiday cheer, but your track record and your support for Alan Jackson cry foul. 

Also of note is that the San Gabriel Tribune takes the opportunity to highlight Steve Cooley after first reporting on Alan Jackson’s Marsy’s Law violation and then taking the articles down.  We captured them here and before they were conveniently deleted off the web.  The San Gabriel Tribune endorsed Cooley in the past.  No doubt Cooley made the call and the media took the article about Alan Jackson down as a favor to Cooley and as a sign to victims that the media is corrupt and truth in journalism is only a facade.