Mario Trujillo finally breaks the secret pact and exposes Steve Cooley as “archaic and inefficient”

The LA Weekly breaks the story as Mario Trujillo takes his jabs at Steve Cooley and his policies

The LA Weekly breaks the story as Mario Trujillo takes his jabs at Steve Cooley and his policies

Has Mario Trujillo finally broken the secret pact?  For months the six declared candidates have largely remained silent about the complete and utterly humiliating realization coming out of the LA District Attorney’s office that prosecuting crime in Los Angeles is a complete joke.  The only candidate willing to point out the “elephant” in the room is Steve Ipsen who is always willing to expose the jokers for who they are.  It seems Mario Trujillo, once a favorite of Steve Cooley, has had enough of the “glowing” and stroking of his boss Steve Cooley.  His platform is nearly mimicking Steve Ipsen’s platform of criminal justice reform now that he has finally broken his silence.  He is throwing the word victim out in the air once in a while so we will give that to him, although like all of the other candidates besides Steve Ipsen, he has never been to our victims events.   We do like and admire the fact that he is willing to finally speak out about the policies in the LA District Attorney’s office that have practically destroyed the minority communities and have kept them in their intended second class citizenship.  Steve Cooley prides himself and his polices of throwing the book at everyone with brown or black skin, while the prisons fill to their max and fail to keep violent offenders behind bars.  The LA weekly broke the story and Steve Cooley doesn’t seem very happy.  Jackie Lacey’s, Mario Trujillo’s and Alan Jackson’s secret pact to support everyone in the race but Steve Ipsen and Carmen Trutanich has now taken a twist with Mario speaking out.  The best part is that Robert Philabosian gets in on the comments.  It seems Cooley’s close friends don’t want anyone speaking out against him.  Remember Philibosian, former DA and the one who participated in the city of Cudahay scandal?   He also owns property with Steve Cooley in Lake Arrowhead which has illegal ties.  He has been sued over it.

Prosecutor Mario Trujillo Calls D.A.’s Policies “Archaic,” Draws Rebuke From D.A. Steve Cooley
By Gene Maddaus Thu., Dec. 8 2011 at 4:48 PM
After three terms as District Attorney, Steve Cooley is retiring next year. Though he won’t be on the ballot, he sure is taking an active interest in who will be. He’s been touting Jackie Lacey, and trashin Carmen Trutanich, for nearly a year.

Now he’s taking aim at another candidate: Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo. In a fundraising-email sent Wednesday, Trujillo had some pointed things to say about the current administration:

“I have seen how archaic and inefficient policies of the D.A.’s office have delayed justice for victims, wasted taxpayer money, and put our community at risk,” Trujillo wrote.

Cooley, who apparently has time to read these things, was not amused.

At an L.A. County Bar Association event last night, Cooley pulled Trujillo aside and gave him an earful.

“Mr. Cooley and I had an intellectual discussion about our differences in philosophy,” Trujillo said. “There was a concern that some colleagues may feel I am putting down their work… That was not my intent at all.”

Cooley declined to comment, but his spokeswoman confirmed that he had some problems with Trujillo’s rhetoric.

“The unspecified criticism of the office contained in his mass solicitation e-mail was unwarranted and disappointing,” said spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons. “Mr. Trujillo knows better.”

Trujillo is one of the most liberal candidates in the race. He has talked about easing up on prosecutions of unlicensed drivers (who tend to be undocumented), and expressed some reservations about the death penalty.

“You’re not going to get the status quo from me,” Trujillo said. “We’re going to have to change some of these policies.”

Trujillo was also quick to say that he and Cooley have a good relationship, and that he intends to uphold Cooley’s policies as long as they’re in place.

“He’s been great to me,” Trujillo said. “My e-mail is in some respects in line with what he taught us.”

Update: The Met News rounds up reaction from other candidates, plus this beauty from former D.A. Robert Philibosian:

“If Mr. Trujillo truly thinks there’s something wrong with the district attorney’s policies, he’s free to resign from the office and run his candidacy any way he chooses.”

Is that what Cooley did when he ran against Gil Garcetti? Uh, no.


Steve Ipsen, Deputy District Attorney saves the state of Calfornia millons: Manson acolyte ‘Tex’ Watson denied parole

Tex Watson denied parole for five more years thanks to Steve Ipsen, co-author of Marsy's Law

Tex Watson denied parole for five more years thanks to Steve Ipsen, co-author of Marsy's Law

CNN Justice reports on the five year parole denial of “Tex” Watson.  He has been up for parole 16 times and denied parole 13 times.  Each time he goes before the parole board the families of the murder victims have to re-live the horrific murders of their loved ones.  Equally unfair, Tex Watson has gone before the parole board 13 times, falsely hoping for his freedom.  Steve Ipsen, Deputy District Attorney, co-author of Marsy’s Law, and candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012 changed the Calfornia Constitution with Proposition 9, “Marsy’s Law” in 2008.  With this provision, the parole board now has the option to deny parole for up to 15 years for those who qualify.  This change was designed to be fair to victims and criminals who have little to no chance of parole. 

When Marcella Leach, one of the co-founders of Justice for Homicide Victims and the mother of “Marsy”, told Steve Ipsen she suffered a heart attack, due to the stress, while attending one of the parole hearings for the murder of her daughter, Mr. Ipsen was determined to change the way victims were treated in the state of California.  He designed and authored the provision to allow the parole board denial options that are fair to victims and the criminal offender.  

In the first year after Marsy’s Law was passed by California voters on Nov. 4, 2008, the new Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights had significantly improved victims’ rights in the state.  In that year, 81 criminals received a maximum 15-year parole denial and an additional 393 convicted felons were denied parole for seven to 10 years, according to the Crime Victims Action Alliance web site.  In 2010 –  357, 196 and 79 criminals received 7, 10 and 15 year denials respectively.  Prior to Marsy’s Law, parole hearings were denied for a maximum of five years, with most ranging between one and three years.

Today Tex Watson was denied parole and although this family was hoping for at least a seven year denial, they can go on with their lives for the next five years before they have to again re-live the horrific murder of their loved ones.  

By the CNN Wire Staff

updated 7:43 PM EST, Wed November 16, 2011

(CNN) — Charles Denton “Tex” Watson, one of the chief participants in the Manson Family murders in the summer of 1969, will stay in prison at least another five years, the California Board of Parole Hearings announced Wednesday.

Watson, 65, was denied parole for the 16th time, the board said, and will not be considered again until 2016.

Watson, along with Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian were convicted in 1971 of murder and sentenced to death for the killings of five people, including the eight-months pregnant movie actress Sharon Tate, on the night of August 9, 1969. They and their leader, Charles Manson, were convicted and sentenced for stabbing Leno and Rosemary La Bianca to death the night after the Tate killings.

All their sentences were commuted to life imprisonment after a California court decision struck down capital punishment.

Watson has been housed at Mule Creek State Prison since 1993, according to the parole board.

Violation of Marsy’s Law – Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger have much in common

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger - Republicans Violate Marsy's Law and Give Secret Deals to Murderers. DA Jackson recently released a video saying how he advocates for victims.

Antelope Valley Press Reports ‘Cold Case’ Killer gets six years – This blatant violation of Marsy’s Law by Alan Jackson is similar to that of the former Governor Schwarzenegger who reduced a murder sentence to 7 years without consulting the family.   Shortly after Alan Jackson’s secret deal with a murderer, the Alan Jackson campaign released a video where he champions himself as a victim’s advocate.  We report this illegal and complete disregard for Marsy’s Law.   Justice was never sought nor served when Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson secretly plea bargained the potential death penalty murder case to manslaughter.  Also of note – the Alan Jackson campaign has already launched an attack on the city Attorney Carmen Trutanich who hasn’t yet officially declared his run for DA.  Carmen Trutanich has a special page on the City Attorney’s website that is dedicated to Marsy’s Law

Antelope Valley Press Reports - Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson Violates Marsy's Law and Gives a 6 Year Deal to Murderer. DA Jackson blames the detectives.

FROM AV PRESS ‘Cold Case Killer’ gets only six years

By Charles F. Bostwick
Managing Editor 

Relatives of a Lancaster aerospace worker whose 30-year-old murder was apparently solved last year with the arrest of anIndianatruck driver are dismayed that the ex-convict   apprehended was allowed to plead guilty to reduced charges and sentenced to fewer than 6 years in state prison.  

Joseph Azevedo’s sister and nephew said the family was not told about a June 7 hearing in Los Angeles at which Christopher Winter, 55, was sentenced after being allowed to plead no-contest to involuntary manslaughter and two counts of receiving stolen property.  A murder charge carrying a potential death sentence or life in prison was dismissed.  

“Where is the justice? I can’t believe it – after all these years,” Esmeralda Tirak of Palmdale said Friday.  “The guilty get away with murder, and the victims…,” she said, breaking into tears. “I can’t talk anymore.” 

Michael Tirak, Azevedo’s nephew, said: “There’s something wrong with our justice system.”  Esmeralda Tirak said the family was not invited to speak before the sentencing to give a so-called “victim impact statement,” which is standard practice in California court rooms.  

They had been told that a hearing had been postponed and would be rescheduled, but were never told a new date, she said.  Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson, a Major Crimes Division prosecutor who is running for District Attorney in 2012, didn’t return calls seeking comment.  

A District Attorney’s spokeswoman said she was told that Joseph Azevedo’s relatives had been informed by an investigator that Winter was expected to enter a plea to reduced charges that would let him avoid the death penalty, though she didn’t know if they had been told the hearing date.  She said the evidence against Winter turned out to be weaker than expected.  

Winter remains in custody in Men’s Central Jail inLos Angelespending his transfer to a state prison.  Joseph Azevedo was a 50-year-old Lockheed Aircraft worker and father of four sons. He had separated from his wife, who moved toPennsylvaniawith one of the boys, but the other three – ages 10 to 20 – were living with him.  Two of the boys found their father dead in their home’s family room after returning from camping at Littlerock Reservoir. 

Family said they had never heard of Winter and he wasn’t anyone Azevedo knew.  Sheriff’s homicide detectives said they believe Winter was burglarizing the Azevedos’ mobile home, in the 42000 block ofSixth Street East, when Winter was surprised to see Joseph Azevedo inside and killed him.  

At the time, Winter was a 25-year-old ex-convict who had been released from prison on parole six months earlier. Winter had been sent to prison in April 1980 on aLos AngelesCountyconviction for armed robbery and possession of a weapon by an ex-felon, state prison records show.  He was sentenced to three years in prison on the first charge and two years on the second, but he was paroled in less than seven months.  Winter was sent back to prison in August 1984 on a two-year sentence for aLos AngelesCountyconviction for burglary, prison records show.  He was released from prison on parole in June 1985 and was discharged from parole in June 1992. 

When Winter’s arrest was announced last November, sheriff’s officials said it was the result of fingerprint and DNA evidence that wasn’t available three decades ago.  Homicide detectives gathered forensic evidence in 1981 and interviewed residents and family members, but no leads were ever produced to identify a suspect, according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department statement released after Winter’s arrest.

Sheriff’s Cold Case Homicide detectives reopened the case in 2006 and began following several leads that included new fingerprint and DNA analysis. They eventually identified a suspect. However, they did not have enough information to prosecute the case, and the trail ran cold.  The case was reopened in May 2010, and a review of statements made by the suspect and witnesses in addition to modern forensic analysis was able to produce sufficient evidence to charge Winter, sheriff’s officials said.  

Detectives learned that Winter had been working as a long-haul truck driver inOhio. Winter was spotted at a distribution center inTipp City,Ohio. FBI agents and Tipp City police arrested him without incident Nov. 6.  Nearly 30 years after a Lockheed Aircraft worker as found shot to death on his family room floor, sheriff’s officials announced that a suspect had been arrested.