Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson failed to notify the victims family and violates the California Constitution

One thing is clear in the race for District Attorney of Los Angeles County 2012, the only candidate who is a long time victim advocate inside and outside the courtroom is Steve Ipsen.  Recently, Alan Jackson dissapointingly plea bargained a death penalty case to an unconscionable six years and failed to notify the family in violation of the California Constitution – Article 1 Section 28(b).  Marsy’s law was written by Steve Ipsen for victims, and thanks to Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, it became law in 2008 by the overwhelming majority of voters.  The justice system has left victims out of the process for far too long and to see that Alan Jackson, a candidate running for the office of Los Angeles District Attorney, would dissregard the law and avoid reporters and the victims family is a foreshadowing that cannot be ignored.  It is heartwarming to know that Steve Ipsen has passion for protecting victims of crime.

Steve Ipsen stands with Marcella Leach and speaks about Marsy's Law and the rights victims have in court


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