Steve Cooley’s, Jackie Lacey’s and Mario Trujillo’s Attorneys (Jone’s Day) harass victim’s groups with subpoena

Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo have reached a new low this past week.  It has come to our attention that the Jone’s Day law firm defending these three District Attorney’s in a federal law suit for alleged union busting, served a subpoena to victim’s leaders, harassing them in the pursuit of hurting candidate Steve Ipsen who is running for Los Angeles District Attorney in 2012.  The subpoena is part of a union law suit that has nothing to do with victims or the victims’ rights movement.

Last week the Jone’s Day attorneys who are defending Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo in a federal law suit for their alleged union busting, served leader’s of victims’ organizations with a subpoena and ordered them to turn over all financial records.  Steve Ipsen has volunteered countless hours to help victims of crime.  He regularly attends our events, flies with us to Sacramento to march on the capital, helps our organizations raise money, and most importantly co-authored Marsy’s Law which was passed in 2008.  He asks nothing in return.  Marsy’s law was written for the victims who were not only victimized by the perpetrator, but by the justice system.  Steve listened to the stories of his friends who were victims of crime and co-wrote Marsy’s Law to fix the flaws in the justice system giving victims of crime 17 rights under California Law.  Steve Cooley opposed Marsy’s Law and Jessica’s Law, which were both supported by Steve Ipsen.  Cooley has repeatedly tried to discredit Steve Ipsen, calling him names under oath and to the media.  Cooley called Steve Ipsen a “crook” and accused him of “money laundering”.  None of these claims were substantiated by any investigation or facts.  Steve Cooley testified that he personally doesn’t like Steve Ipsen and that his dislike for Ipsen has nothing to do with his union affiliation.   Perhaps in order to substantiate Cooley’s claims the Jones Day lawyers are looking for anything that could possibly back Cooley’s false allegations.

The harassment to victim’s leaders with a subpoena in order to intimidate victims and leaders of victim’s organizations as some sort of warning to those who work with Steve Ipsen is the ultimate low for the Lacey and Trujillo campaigns.  VICTIMS DO NOT TAKE HARASSMENT LIGHTLY, especially towards someone who stands up for them.  

As co-author of Marsy’s Law, Steve Ipsen has been a friend and supporter of the victim’s rights movement for over a decade.  He serves on the advisory boards for numerous victim’s organizations and has won multiple awards for his dedications to victims of crime.  Unlike other candidates in the District Attorney’s race, Steve helps victims inside and outside of the courtroom, even when he isn’t running for office.  He frequently attends victims’ events unlike any of the other candidates in the race.

Dear STEVE COOLEY, JACKIE LACEY, MARIO TRUJILLO, JONES DAY LAW FIRM, ALAN JACKSON, and anyone who stands together in this group of district attorneys who support Steve Cooley (all who have said they will back out of the race if Cooley decides to run for another term) and his efforts to harass victims, intimidate victims, use victims or attempt to fulfill their agenda to get elected to office,

LISTEN TO US CLOSELY – We will not be used, abused or taken advantage of by you!  We will not allow you to harass and intimidate those who have stood up for victims and changed laws to help victims.  We will network, we will spread the word and we will not waver as you try to destroy those who stand up for us!  Our family members died because of the weak policies of the office of the District Attorney.  We have nothing to lose because our loved ones already paid the ultimate price.  We will grow stronger and we will multiply.  We will open our financial records and our books.  You can try to use us to substantiate Steve Cooley’s accusations toward Steve Ipsen in order to prove your case, but YOU WILL FAIL.  As you try destroy and intimidate our nonprofit organizations, we will spread the word.


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  1. Thank you for your awesome post! You area true warrior spirit and the world needs more individuals like you, like us! Please keep up the good work and keep an eye on these pigs. That is why it annoys me despite the naivete of the asker when people ask why don’t I work within the system. Look at what it did to you. Look at what it does to me! To me, that is like saying the best way to change hell is to put polar icecaps! LOL!

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